Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the one about victory

And another two investigators make it to the finish line! Well, the finish line as far as us missionaries are concerned. Now we just need to make sure they don't stray off the strait and narrow path. The baptism happened on Saturday in Durrës, and for a moment there, we were worried that we wouldn't make it on time, but we did! And only one person threw up during the ride! (most Albanians aren't used to riding in a car). Here's some pictures! Of the ride, not the vomit ;)

There's my companion on the right and the district leader's companion on the left.
Elder Anderson and I sat up front. It was packed.

And here are pictures taken at the chapel:

From left to right: Me, Ambra (om-bra), Xhina (jee-nuh), and Elder Ireland (el-durr ay-ur-land)

The guy on the left is Joni (yo-knee) and the guy on the right is Nedi (neddy)
That was definitely the highlight of the week. Another fun thing that happened was that we lured a wild cat into the house and then shut the door. It tried to get out, and we let it out eventually, but not after posing for some pictures:

Aww, he's trying to escape!
He scratched me and I've been feeling kind of weird lately. I have an intense craving for meat and I've been foaming at the mouth a bit. Just kidding.
Qofshit mirë!

Elder Weaver

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