Monday, May 17, 2010

First transfer….. done!

Wow, a whole transfer period is done... That went fast.

Not much has changed, except Gazmend, the one we have high hopes for, contacted us again! He'd been busy looking for work and couldn't meet with us, but he's coming to church again and is trying to find times to meet. It's great to see someone who really wants to change their life and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our other investigators continue to meet when they can, and every time we try to help them come closer to their Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. The sad part is, we sometimes have to drop people. If they consistently don't answer our calls or don't show up for appointments, we have to say "good luck on your own" and hope they get a desire to contact us sometime in the future. A few of our investigators are at that point, so we just hope and pray for them, but in the meantime, we find more people!

Tracting is an OK way to find those who are ready to hear the Gospel, at least here in Albania. We've had much more success in this area doing tables, where we set up a little display at the parts of the city with heavy foot traffic. We've found quite a few investigators this way, and had many good and enlightening conversations with people who are just curious as to who we are.

Tirana has been a great first area, but now I've been called to serve in Fier! (fee-air) It's more down south, not quite to the coast, and a lot smaller than Tirana. I've heard that I'm in for a lot more tracting, but I'm fine with that. I'm just happy to serve wherever I can.

I know all your prayers and support help me and other missionaries in many ways, some which we can see and some we can't.


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