Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello from Fier!

Well, here I am! Fier is much smaller than Tirana, and it's weird not having to dodge cars all the time. It's a much more small-town feeling this time around. Instead of a 15 minute walk to the church it's only about 5, which is nice.

Speaking of church, it's in another rented out commercial space. There were about 22 people in sacrament meeting, which was actually the highest it's been in awhile, I hear. We have an English course 3 times a week and mutual on Fridays, so we're there a lot.

My companion, Elder Griffith, is from Iowa. We get along great. He's kind of quiet like me, but once you get him talking he's pretty funny. He's got a pretty big responsibility, too, because he's branch president. We are doing a lot of retention and reactivation, talking with less-actives and visiting them frequently. I'm still learning about everybody and what they need, maybe I can share stories another time.

We've got a pretty nice place here to live in, it's on the 4th floor of a small apartment block. I'll try to get pictures next time, we still haven't cleaned it up all the way. Last transfer there were 4 elders living in it, and none of them were big on neatness, if you know what I mean. I had to sweep the kitchen area to keep from going mad.

Our district is pretty cool, the other elders who just moved into the new-for-us apartment are elders Buys and Asquith. It's nice to see elder Asquith, we went through the MTC together.

Well, it's sure different here, I'm excited to see what will happen. Until next time!

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  1. My son, Elder Fahey, is with Elder Griffith for the third time as his companion, he is at the time of writing (12 January 2011) this serving in the Tirana first branch.