Monday, July 19, 2010

Quarter way

Huh, tomorrow is the 25% mark. That went fast.

Man, I am so glad the weather supposedly hit it's hottest point last week. Just yesterday, it was 40 degrees Celsius. Now, if my math is right, that's 108 Fahrenheit. When you add the humidity, I make for one drenched missionary. I sweat so much it just looks like I poured water on myself. Luckily I use military-grade deodorant. A few of these Albanians should take a hint from me and use some. Buses are miserable with the heat and the smell and the people packed in like sardines. But at least the buses are cheap: 30 cents a person. Very useful when we're running a bit late.

We're doing pretty well, but a lot of our work is going to disappear. We're teaching some kids whose mom is a member, but their school will start up again soon, so we won't be able to meet as often. A recently-baptized member who we have retention lessons with will be attending university in France, and a few other people we teach are going to be going on long vacations. And Adam will be returning to England in a week. Hopefully with all of these people, we've helped them have a desire enough to continue being taught with us after they get back, or to contact the missionaries where they'll be living. We'll be starting to have less-active lessons with a really, really strong member. The problem is, he's starting work at 2 jobs, 15 hours a day, to get out of a rough spot. It will only be for a few months, but he won't be able to attend church, and technically, he'll be a "less-active" member. So we're going to be visiting him on a few of his lunch breaks at work, to see how he's doing and lift his spirits. He's the guy who learned English in England and sounds like an Irishman. He's hilarious.

Not much else to say. I'm gonna go sweat somewhere.

Elder Weaver

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