Monday, July 5, 2010

Hey there

Another week comes to a close, and the hot season is that much closer to ending... though I fear it hasn't hit it's max yet. I think I'm getting used to the heat because I don't even notice when I start sweating and when I stop. Today we went to a caged in football (soccer) pitch and played a game with us 4 missionaries and about 5 of the 12-30 year-old members. I wasn't expecting to have much fun, but surprisingly, I did! Maybe I just haven't been running around in so long I've missed it. By the end of the game, I think I'd lost about 2 kilos in sweat, but I was sure to drink it back.

The mustachioed beret-man came to church again, but he left before the meetings started. It may have been because the elder he was obsessed with finally took a hard stance against the borderline groping. Elder Asquith smacked beret-man's hands away and said "Mos më prek!" (Don't touch me!). I would have done the same.

It's kind of sad, but the baptism we had scheduled for yesterday didn't happen at all. The two girls who committed to baptism haven't come to church or activities or anything since we last talked to them over 3 weeks ago. Oh well, people have their agency, I just wish they could see how great the Gospel is and how it can help them.

Well, Fier has been interesting and a good experience for me, but I found out Saturday night that I'm being transferred back up to Tirana! *quiet "yay"s are heard* I'll be going to 2nd branch, and I get to be companions with Elder Moyes, of whom I have heard much good about.

Well, uhh... bye!

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