Monday, June 28, 2010

Another week

Hot dog, another week gone! I can't believe in less than a month I'll be a quarter way done.

This week has been kind of crazy. I've never really appreciated how hard it is to plan and execute a church activity, until we had to do one Friday. All week stressing out over plans and doing it in what little free time we had. Four missionaries with the combined creativity of a fly make for a hard time. BUT, it worked out ok in the end.

We first took people into the sacrament hall where they could choose two paths: one was wide and easy, the other path wound through chairs and had an obstacle blocking the way which they needed to ask the helper (me) to move. If they went the easy way, they got water sprinkled in their face. If they chose the more difficult path and asked for help, they got a little candy bar. We then read some scriptures afterwards about how the path of the adversary is easy and many find it, but strait is the gate and narrow is the way of the Lord. I don't know if it really stuck, since half of them chose the easy path and the other half never actually asked for help.

Then we fed them real american hamburgers. It was hard finding good quality beef, so we had to special-order ground veal. They were really good, and even though only about 15 people showed up, 5 kilos of meat was somehow a perfect amount. The rest of the night was spent by people doing their folky-albanian dancing and me hiding in the library so I wouldn't get pulled into it.

This last Sunday was... interesting. We had a man wearing a beret and a funky mustache join us for church. He seems to have an unhealthy fascination with Elder Asquith, hugging his stomach and calling him his brother about 14 times. The line he kept saying that got me the most, though, was "Your father made you beautiful".

Well, until next time!


  1. LOL! "hiding in the library..." That is so Mitch!

  2. There are creepy weirdos everywhere!