Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi again

Not much happened this week, we keep visiting our regulars to get them coming back to church. We spent a few mornings going to some outlying villages and encouraging the few scattered people there. I kind of felt like I was in a western movie when we got out of the taxi in the small intersection in the middle of town and everybody stared at us. It was easy to think they were all against us and we might have to fight our way through hordes of people to safety. Then they lost interest and I came back down to Earth. We visited an old woman and her grand-daughter at their little place with chickens in the yard and kittens sleeping on the couches on the porch. We brought a great member along with us and let them know we still care about them and invited them back to church. I don't know if they'll come back or not, but I hope so. Average sacrament meeting attendance is about 15-19 members and 4 missionaries.

I guess one of the harder things we have to do in life is endure to the end!

Sorry for the brevity, but hopefully I'll have more experiences to share next week.

Kini durim!

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