Monday, June 21, 2010


Bad news: Our power was out last night, which meant no anti-mosquito fan for me. I woke up and scratched for half an hour.
Good news: It wasn't that hot last night, so at least I wasn't sweating and scratching.

Bad news: We just spent two hours getting the run-around trying to pay our electric bill. We finally got the matter resolved at the city headquarters.
Good news: The places we were told to go were no more than a 2-minute walk.

Bad news: I gave my first talk in church yesterday.
Good news: I gave my first talk in church yesterday!

Things are going well as usual. It's been raining today, which makes me happy because it means I'm covered in water and not sweat.

One thing I've learned while here: I didn't judge people before my mission, but now I really don't! That guy on the street with a cigarette in his hand and tattoos all over is probably a really nice guy and everyone could use the gospel.

Man, I'm having less and less to say. We keep visiting less-actives and non-actives. We haven't had any success with the people we've met the last few weeks, but the people we do meet with have been bringing friends to church, which is awesome! Also, a few people from the English class we teach have been coming.

Hopefully this will be a more eventful week!

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