Monday, October 25, 2010

the one about patience

All right, cool. Important news first: Our investigator, Fatjon, now has a baptismal date for the 6th of November! Yay! We had two lessons with him this week, and they were both with an awesome member named Besmir Dishnica. He recently returned from a mission to Russia, so he knows how to teach pretty well. Lessons with a member are ALWAYS better, because they can explain things better than we can, and the investigator is much, much more apt to open up and ask more questions. I just hope we can continue to do that.

Less important news is that we went back to the eye place at the hospital and got my eye checked on again. They said it's healing and that I didn't need to come back again, but they still want me to do "not too much effort" for another two weeks. That means no soccer for two more weeks. I'm kind of tired of all this crippledness, not being able to even exercise. It's hard not to get impatient. But then President Neil came to the branch yesterday and gave a short talk encouraging the members to be patient and endure. He said he remembers back when he was a missionary in Italy in 1967. There were less than 100 members in the whole country and he only baptized one little old lady his whole mission. He thought, "How can the church ever grow here?" But then look at it today: thousands of members and a temple soon to be built (and he said President Monson broke ground for the temple on Saturday! Woot!). President Neil emphasized that all things will come to pass, but in the Lord's time. I guess I needed a reminder of that.

Cool, talk to you all later.

Elder Weaver

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