Monday, December 20, 2010

the one about unforeseen snow

I guess the streak of good weeks couldn't last forever. None of our investigators could meet this week and there was a lot of just talking to people on the road. It's times like these you just need to remember that everything happens in the Lord's time, and you don't rush the Lord. One good thing that happened was that a man from our English course came to church on Sunday! He's pretty cool. It seems like every English course ends in a discussion of games that we've played. He loves the older Call of Duty games and so we have a few things in common. He's a pretty solid Muslim. He doesn't practice that much (like going to the synagogue or growing the beard), but he really doesn't seem to want to change. He came to church because he likes us, which isn't the best reason to come, but hey, it was still a good experience.

On Tuesday it snowed!

I fully expected not to see snow for two years, but it actually snowed in Tirana. It only happens once every few years, and this year seemed to be one of them. It's been pretty dang cold here. I thought I was tough, but I am ashamed to admit that I had to put on my 3 coats and two pairs of gloves once or twice this week. The air is very humid here, and my facial muscles develop a half-second lag after a few minutes outside. This makes it difficult and slightly humorous to try and talk.

A little bit of snow doesn't stop Unloaded-AK Man!

And today we decided to have one unique experience before my companion goes home: Eating a sheep's head. It was his idea, so we went and got a head they just keep roasting on a spit. It was $4. I only had the cheek meat, which was actually really tasty. He tried the eye and the tongue, both of which had a weird texture but not-that-bad taste.

Warning: These pictures are not for the faint of stomach. Ah what the heck, they're fun.

Poor lamb. I think he had a few cavities.
Baa ram you!
Elder Weaver

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