Monday, December 6, 2010

the one about unexpected returns

As they say on the internets, "Woot!" This has been a darn good week. Things that happened in list of excitement:

We street contacted a man named Kastriot, and right then and there took him to the church and had a good meeting. He might become another investigator.

Something not actually good but still exciting, is that the other elders are currently housing another companionship from Shkodër. Apparently it's flooded pretty badly up there and they don't know when they'll be able to go back. But for the moment they're having a good time working in our branch.

On Saturday, the owner of the other house in this branch (the house I lived in when I first came into the country) invited six of us elders out to lunch. We went to a pretty nice restaurant almost up in the mountains. When they brought out the first plate of delicious pork chops, I thought, "Ok, so three of us will share this. Cool." Then they brought out 4 more plates, and each of us got one of these:

There was about a pound of meat there. Man, that was good!

I'm really grateful for members who open up their hearts and their wallets to us when they really don't have to. I know they'll be blessed for that.

Yesterday, we attended the baptism of an 8-year old girl in the branch. It was the first baptism I've seen where the person was 8 and also baptized by her father. It was great. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures...

We had a good meeting with Fatjon (faw-tee-own), and it seems like he'll still get baptized someday, which I am hugely grateful for. And I finally got a pic with him:


We were coming home from a meeting with some members, and right as we went outside we ran into the other elders' investigator, Romeo (row-mayo). He then walked with us to the church and had a lesson with the other elders, and it looks like he'll start meeting with them again. I think God is trying to send him a message. This is the 4th "chance" meeting I've had with this guy. The first was when we decided to go on a walk, but to take a different route than usual and ran into him. The second was when I had a strange, sudden craving for grilled corn and he was there getting corn, too. Third was when we tracted into his house. And now this one. We left the house at just the right time to meet him. I don't think these are random chance meetings.

And finally, to make it a great week, the other elders met and talked to Olgert (ol-gehrt)! This is the guy who had a baptismal date but then disappeared about 3 months ago. Turns out he's been in Sarandë for a funeral. Man, I am so excited he's back! His desire and willingness to learn is the strongest and most sincere I've ever seen.

Hope this week goes as well!

Elder Weaver

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  1. And to think all this time I thought he was a fat guy that was nicknamed Fat John.