Monday, November 29, 2010

the one about first prayers

This week was definitely better than last week! And I'd like to share some advice I got last week from a returned missionary member. He said that it's times like these, when you have few or no investigators, that you really get closer to God and these are the times that you remember the most. And I absolutely agree.

We got in tracting the other day. It was these two mid-20's guys living together to save money for college. They were Muslim (but not very practicing, as is the case here usually). It was the first time we'd gotten in the door in about a month, so I count it as a success. They seemed to be motivated by a mild curiosity, though, and lost interest near the end of our discussion. Oh well, we gave them a positive experience, which always helps.

English course, I believe, is probably the best proselyting tool we have. The people usually aren't very interested at first, but over a period of time they get more comfortable with us and seem much more open to learning about the gospel. We had two girls this week try out their first prayer. Have I mentioned that's one of my favorite parts of missionary work? Just listening to someone honestly express their thoughts to a loving Father in Heaven gives me much, much joy. And one of those girls came to church, and so did the rest of her family! They seemed to have a good time and the mom even came later on in the week to a Relief Society activity. Good things are happening with that family!

Fatjon came to a baptism we had on Saturday. It was a good experience for him, because he's had some doubts and questions about baptism for a while now, and I hope that eased some of his fears. So at least he's not off the map and disappeared!

On Tuesday we got permission to go to the opera. It was my first opera experience, and I wasn't disgusted. It was an opera adaption of Othello. They sang really loud. And in Italian, so I didn't really get what was going on. But the orchestra was sweet! In all, I'd say it was a good experience. But why does everyone have to die all the time in operas and plays? Why can't they just settle their differences with a good, honest round of Counter-Strike? Everything would make so much more sense.

On Thursday, we got to go to the mission home for Thanksgiving, and man, I loved it! They got two 33-pound turkeys, which even all of us couldn't finish off. They also had mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, stuffing, and pretty much everything else you could want to eat. Then, we watched Toy Story 3. Man, I've not laughed so hard at a movie in years. It was a great Thanksgiving away from home.

And then I have some miscellaneous pictures.

We eat these at least once a week, and they are delicious. Pork meat with mayonnaise, sour-cream-type-sauce, french fries, cucumbers, sweet red peppers, ketchup. Heaven on pita bread

It's probably not loaded. That makes me sad.

Until next week,

Elder Weaver

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  1. Kathy! Tell Mitch to stay away from the pork. He will get a brain parasite!