Monday, February 14, 2011

the one about...

Let's see... we got a lesson on Monday with Eri, the Muslim guy who likes to have a drink with us. Oh wait, I told about that last week.

Church yesterday was good! It was branch conference, and we had many different leaders from the district presidency attend the meetings. The talks were good, the lessons were edifying, an ideal Sabbath day in all.

Well, that's about everything noteworthy that happened. That's because we've stayed in the house every other day. My companion has a condition that makes it painful to walk, so we're waiting for it to heal (don't worry, it isn't as scandalous as you might think). To pass the time, we've been getting in extra studies and playing Dungeons and Dragons. It's something to do to keep us from getting bored.

And that's about all there is to report. I hope everything is going well back home and everywhere else, and may you all prosper and have joy!

Elder Weaver

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