Monday, July 18, 2011

the one about potential

So here I am in Lushnjë, one of the smallest "cities" in Albania. I'm the branch president, which is fun, and I have a new, full-of-energy companion. Not that he's hyperactive or anything, but that he knows how to work hard. I'm pretty happy in this situation! Lushnjë has a lot of potential; there are 50 people on the record, but only about 4 come each week. We're gonna do a lot of reactivation work.

We met with a few new people we found on the street. One guy sat with us and talked with us for a good hour and a half. He's pretty strong Catholic, and apparently has family high up in the church. That's cool! But he also thinks the Book of Mormon is another publication of the Bible, no matter how many times we try to explain otherwise. But no worries; he says he'll have it read in a week. After he left, elder Ireland was like, "Man, he was drunk". I just thought he was a bit slow. I need to get better at that; I can't tell when people are slow or just drunk. Knowing the difference could help a lot.

We tracted into another guy with no shirt on, but you know what? That's totally fine. I wish I could've had my shirt off, too, because it is SO... umm... darn... HOT!!!!!! I carry a handkerchief around in my back pocket to sop up the gallons of swear per minute that I spill, and let me tell you, that handkerchief isn't white anymore. I can only hope the weather changes soon. If I remember correctly, this was the hottest transfer of the year. I just need to endure a little bit longer, maybe a week or two.

Well, I hope people at home are enjoying their nice air-conditioned air and frozen treats of deliciousness.

Elder Weaver

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