Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the one about zoos

Hey everyone! I'm reporting here from Fier, although I'm tempted to call it Fire. Man, it is extremely hot. I don't think the temperature is that much higher than in Utah, but the humidity is what kills you. The instant you step outside you can feel the air around you like an unwanted hug from a fur coat. Then you start sweating. Ugh. 

But, not all is miserable! Yesterday was my first Sunday as branch president, and it went better than expected! We had a good sacrament meeting and good lessons after that. I think I'll be able to handle it all. I'm really hoping to baptize a few more people in the next few months, and maybe reactivate some families.

Also, we went to the zoo. It was... interesting.

We saw such creatures as:

The Carnivorous Canine!

The deceptively ferocious sheep!

The dead snake!
But seriously, they had legit animals there, too. Like the monkey and the lion.

Man. That lion must have committed armed robbery or something to be in that small of a cell.  Wait a minute... Lions can't commit armed robbery! This isn't a prison?!?

I hope everyone is doing better than these animals. Enjoy your freedom and your families! Drive safe!

Elder Weaver

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