Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MTC Week 4

And again, another 7-day cycle has come to an end. Really, there's not much to say. Life in the MTC goes on much as usual: Studying the Gospel and filling our wells with knowledge makes time glide by. The language is coming along swiftly and surely. We taught again only in Albanian and found out our "investigator" wasn't comfortable praying because he'd been raised in the Catholic church and only knew memorized prayer, so there's another concern uncovered. And in 2 weeks we'll be teaching all our practice lessons in Albanian; no English. I'm really not that worried about it though.

More and more I find myself not being nervous or scared in situations that would normally be a cheek-clenching experience. I know it's because I'm focusing more on what the Spirit wants, and I'm not worried about what I'm going to say. Especially when we teach in Albanian: When I just listen to the other person and not think about if my grammar is correct or if I'm inflecting the word right, I can get the message across much, much better. We're promised that if we prepare well, we won't have to worry, even if the lesson doesn't go according to plan. The investigator could have a totally unrelated set of concerns that we didn't anticipate, but if we'd prepared prayerfully and carefully beforehand, the Spirit just guides us along and everything goes extremely well. I know I can't expect every experience to be all joyful and uplifting, but when I'm on the Lord's side I know I'll be helped. It's great!

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