Monday, September 27, 2010

the one about caves

Well, about the most exciting thing that's happened lately was Sunday's lunch/dinner. We cooked a half kilo of beans in the pressure cooker then added tomato sauce, corn and hot dogs. My idea. It was pretty tasty, and quite filling.

This last week has been very slow, but with one additional baptismal date! This man (Adrian) has been an investigator for a while, and was close to baptism a few months ago, but then he found out he can't go back to the states where his wife and three kids are (long story). He took that pretty hard (who wouldn't?) and the baptism was postponed. We've set another date with him and are really helping him along as much as we can; hopefully he'll do all he can, too.

Oh yeah, and today we took our district trip a few miles out of town to a little village where there were cows and donkeys and chickens!. We went a little past the village then got out and hiked for about a mile and a half. I took some pictures along the way. Then we got to our destination of a cave. The cave had bats. Bats do not use indoor plumbing. The floor was their plumbing (but it just smells like dirt). We slowly made our way through, slipping and sliding along the way, taking pictures and admiring the bats. It was a great hike, and the caves were dang cool. I even got to check something off of my bucket list  -- slip and hit your head on a rock in a cave full of bats.

I hope next week is more exciting (in terms of missionary work, that is). Nevertheless, I didn't come on a mission just for the busy times; I came for the whole experience.

Elder Weaver

Yeah, I'm wearing sunglasses in a cave. What of it?

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  1. I love reading these letters. Even though Albania and England couldn't be more different, it still brings back those same memories and feelings that are probably felt by every missionary everywhere in the world.

    I talked about Mitch and his mission in my Gospel Doctrine lesson last Sunday. Good stuff.