Monday, September 6, 2010

the one about free private english course

This area isn't exactly bursting with investigators, but that's OK. We're doing everything in our power to teach the people we do have and strengthen the branch.

We had our super-cool investigator come to church again yesterday, and he stayed for all three hours, which is sweet.

Well, that's the only investigator-related story this week. We meet with a lot of less-actives when they have time. We have been doing a ton more contacting, and we've found something we think works pretty well. We have a big white board we carry around that says "Free private English course!" (in Albanian, duh). We go to hotspots of people and set it up on a tripod. Even just carrying it around between stops we get lots of people coming up and asking about it. We explain that we'll meet them when they want, where they want, and as Americans we'll teach them all the English they want to know. All we ask in return is that they also listen to a short lesson for religion after we teach them English. We had more people talk to us than had ever talked to us before in one night. Some of those people we are currently teaching, some never answered their phone. But then again, that was just the first time we used it. We expect to use it many, many more times and gets tons of contacts. We have high hopes for this little board!

Wow, this has been a dang short email. Hopefully next week will be longer.

Elder Weaver

Elders Fisher and Weaver

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  1. What a great idea! Kind of like offering a free nights stay at a resort if you listen to their time-share speel. Great thinking Mitch!