Monday, January 10, 2011

the one about french cheese

Ah, another slightly slow week. The best points first: We have a new investigator named Alten (all-ten)! And he agreed to be baptized on the first lesson! He's pretty ready to hear the message, and excited to learn more. I hope he sticks around.

On Wednesday we had an opportunity for service. A woman tried to park her van , but the front right tire had fallen into a manhole. We lifted up on the front while she reversed and she got out fine. She thanked us and we went on our way. A nearby man said that the gypsies stole the manhole cover to sell the iron as scrap metal. He used some non-politically correct names and some humorous hand motions to describe said gypsies. At least I know what not to call those with darker skin here.

Today we went to the Greek Hospital to get a second opinion on my eye. They did another gooey ultrasound on my eye and said basically the same thing as the American hospital. Oh well, maybe I'll just have to live with the little blind spot. The upside is that they did something to my eye and I couldn't focus on things up close for a few hours. It was fun! In a way...

One evening we were doing a three-hour long table. There weren’t many people and I was zoning out. Then I said "hi" to a passing car.

My new companion is cool.

His name is elder Castro-Guzman, and he's from Bordeaux, France. His English is good and so is his Albanian, but he's kind of quiet like me, so we're both having to metaphorically expand our proverbial comfort bubbles. We've played a lot of the same video games and we always find stuff to talk about while doing those long, long tables. He's also funny and has a great imagination. We went and got real French cheese from a higher-end grocery store. I guess that stuff is an acquired taste. But then he broke out some duck'n'bean goodness! His family sends a lot of packages and they included a huge can of these delicious beans and two sausages, and there's also two big chunks of duck in there. I think I'm going to eat a lot more of them quackers when I get home.

Hope everything is going well for everyone back home. Remember to drive safe!

Elder Weaver

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