Monday, January 24, 2011

the one about violence

This was an interesting week. We got back from the hospital today, and that'll probably be my last visit there. My eye isn't getting worse, so it looks like we'll just leave it at that.

We had a good lesson with Eri (airy). He's the Muslim guy from the English course. He claims he doesn't want to change, and yet he still meets with us and comes to church, so he must be feeling something. And he doesn't show signs of disappearing. I'd honestly rather have a tough cookie investigator that sticks around than a flaky guy who accepts everything then vanishes. Hopefully we'll keep meeting with him and teach him English and religion.

On Wednesday we had a big training with all the missionaries in Tirana. We reviewed the zero lesson. This is the first lesson you have with someone, and it's more of a very, very general overview of what we are about and what they'll be expected to do. It was good to practice it, too.

On Thursday we went to the opera again. The orchestra played pieces from all the operas that they did in 2009, with singers from the performances, too. The songs were in Italian, so we didn't understand anything, but it was still a great experience. A guy sang that song that has "Figoro" repeated about 259 times at 600 miles an hour. That was fun to hear in person.

And now the interesting part: On Friday, there was a big protest in the square. We didn't know it was happening until it was happening. You can probably find news on it online. We were at home during lunch, and the district leader called and said President Neil wanted everyone to stay in that night. The protesters were peaceful at the beginning, then tempers flared. People started yelling and throwing rocks. The police had their riot gear on and shields up. Two cars were flipped and burned. Police used their tear gas and rubber pellets from shotguns to try and deter the demonstrators. Then three people were killed. We could hear the gunshots faintly from our house. We were stuck inside, waiting out the chaos. So we played Dungeons & Dragons!

It was my first time playing, and I have to say, I'm already a huge fan. My companion taught me all about it, and he also made up the scenario as he went. I made my first character: Francis, the chaotic neutral Peacemaker. He makes peace... through war! I also invented a competency that I'm pretty tickled about. If I'm in combat, or if I have the advantage before combat, I can try to hit the enemy creature/person in the legs with my two axes. If I'm successful, they are crippled and cannot fight anymore. Then I don't have to chip away at their health points! It's been very useful. So far, I've used it to avoid being wrongfully imprisoned, slow down a giant zombie, and turn the tables on a would-be assassin.

I hope you all are staying safe and aware of danger! If you'll be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, he will guide and protect you.

Elder Weaver

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