Monday, January 17, 2011

the one about small miracles

All right, so this week was the slowest as far as work that I've ever experienced. But, that's OK.

Last week I forgot to tell about our little service project. We went out to a red cross warehouse and helped unload some supplies the church donated to the victims of the flooding in Shkodër. There were a couple hundred pounds of oil, beans, rice, and I bet about a ton of flour we helped move from the trucks to the warehouse. It was dusty work, but worth it to help all those people who've lost everything they have.

We went to the Greek Hospital again for my eye. Basically it's the same, no big problems so far.

Today we took our district trip to Krujë (kroo-ee). It's this little town up in the mountains, and it was the homebase of Skenderbeg, the national hero of Albania. Look him up sometime on Wikipedia, it's really interesting.

BUT, the best thing about this week was sacrament meeting. And not just because it was sacrament meeting, but because it was sacrament meeting with three investigators! The first was the muslim guy from english course. He claims he doesn't want to change, but he must be feeling something or else he wouldn't keep coming back. The second person was the woman from about three months ago. Her son was killed and she's been trying to find comfort. A great sister in the branch sat with her and made her feel comfortable, so that was good. And the third person is Fatjon! After no contact whatsoever for about two months, he came back! Yeah, I'm excited. I just hope he doesn't disappear again. Heck, I hope all three of these people don't disappear.

I hope this week is great for you all back there.

Elder Weaver

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