Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the one about mountain roads

As always, English course is great. Last time, we split into three groups and the game was that one of the missionaries would start a story and then point to someone to continue it. They didn't really get it. I started by setting up a scene where we were at Skenderbeg's castle and the Turk army started advancing, but nobody wanted to do that. Then I tried having them imagine they were on a plane when strange turbulence happened, and they looked out the window and saw monkeys on the wing. They thought that was weird. In absence of creativity, we just went around telling stories about ourselves. There were some interesting people there.

Yesterday, Monday, we went to Elbasan for the Dita e Verës (day of summer) celebration. The trip from Tirana to Elbasan is about an hour and a half drive up and through the mountains.

There were a TON of people there. The main boulevard, which is about a kilometer long, was packed with people. We just stood in the middle and absorbed it all. Eventually, people just came up and talked to us. It was fun having conversations with many different people.

The tall guy in the right of the frame looking at the camera is Edi Rama, mayor of Tirana
It was pretty fun.

By the way, my Mountain Dew-scented shaving cream has no taste whatsoever.

Elder Weaver

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