Monday, March 21, 2011

the one about upswings

Ahh, I love the times on the mission when everything just starts going better. I just need to take advantage of this time to its fullest extent and enjoy it while it lasts.

First, the other elders are teaching the nephew of one of the members. I got to do a split and teach a lesson to him. Even though he's the other elder's guy, I still rejoice in their success. His name is Kladian (claw-dee-on), and he's super humble. This kind of humility is rare here, and it's amazingly refreshing when you get to talk to someone who has it. He doesn't have a lot of education, but he's wiser than 95% of the population. He's thought a lot about life, and when we were teaching him, he said that he thinks there should be a prophet today too, because times change and we need guidance. He also says he likes the fact that our church isn't saying, "Come join us because we're right and everyone else is wrong and we're really righteous". He thinks it's good that we invite people to find out for themselves if they should join, and not just take our word for it. I really like him.

Yesterday was district conference, where all of the members from Albania come to Tirana and we hear a few good speakers. The talks were great, it was nice seeing all the members from areas previously served in, and we even had two guys from English course come! I hope they felt something good and choose to inquire for more.

Another good thing happened. A new pizza place opened up right below our house. The guys who work there all seem really cool, they speak english, and the pizza was miraculous. They shared some experimental pizza with everyone. We had a few slices of some pizza with chicken, cherry tomatoes, and onions, and it was the best pizza I've had in Albania, hands down. I think their secret is that they use enough sauce. Most places here spread a quarter-sized drop of sauce around the whole crust and call it good, which should be a crime in my book.

I hope people everywhere are having good lives. I hope the people in Japan can heal and start rebuilding, and I hope the Lord will help them know that they'll get to see their loved ones again.

Elder Weaver

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