Monday, March 7, 2011

the one about unexpected changes

Well, here's a picture with my companion, elder Fredrickson:

But here's a picture of me with my current companion:

Confused? I was too, but sometimes an emergency transfer is initiated and you have no idea why. On Thursday, I found out elder Fredi and I would ride with the assistants up north to Shkodër, where elder Fredi would be left there and I would come back with my old-new companion elder Seevers. I actually never made it to the van. For some reason, on Saturday, my insides tried to become outsides, and they did a pretty good job of it. I wasn't gonna ride in no van, so we did an inter-district exchange and I recovered at home with elder Buys while elder Norris accompanied elder Fredi on the ride. Its cool to be companions again with my trainer in the branch he trained me in. I don't know why the switch happened, but I don't need to know either.

English course is still going good. We have many people and much fun. By the way, we have a manual we use in teaching English. It has lesson outlines for three different levels of ability, 10 lessons for each level. We usually follow that outline roughly and then improvise our own stuff as we see fit. Elder Fredi was really, really good at teaching English. In fact, on the first day of English course without elder Fredi, they wanted us to pray that he would come back. But, I'm sure that they'll like me and elder Seevers, too.

Also, my new shaving cream is lemon-lime scented. It smells EXACTLY like Diet Mountain Dew. I want to eat it every time I shave, and so far, I've resisted. But next week, I may describe the taste. Just saying.


Elder Weaver

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