Monday, April 18, 2011

another one about patience

I'm here in Fier, and being the small city it is, nothing really exciting is happening.

We did have an interesting experience when a man named Edi (eddy) called us up and wanted to meet with us. We said sure, and it turns out he's been a kind of eternal investigator for over six years. He's come to church a lot and the members know and like him, but he just can't quit smoking. Hopefully we can help him muster up enough willpower to quit so that God can help him do so. He seems like a very humble man and I'm excited to work with him.

We also met with an interesting man in his shop. We call Roni (roney) the crazy commie cobbler. He's a pretty funny guy who's convinced that we're working for the CIA. He's communist, and he repairs shoes in his little shop. It's funny to see him use humor to deflect people who come in and wonder why he's taking so long on the repairs. Whenever a pretty woman comes in he drops what he's doing and grabs the shoes they left and says, "See, I'm almost done!", then when they leave he throws them back on the pile and works on whatever pair he feels like at the moment. Maybe he'll become an investigator someday, but for now we just pay him a short, weekly visit.

That's about all. Best wishes to all!

Elder Weaver

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  1. We just had dinner with an Elder Shupe from North ogden. He said to say hello, he's doing great here in mesa,az take care. Debbie Crandell Your moms cousin.