Monday, April 25, 2011

the one about activities

As always, it's slow going here. We meet with less-active people all the time and see if we can't figure out why they're not coming. It usually results in hours-long talks that ultimately make little progress.

So, we have activities! On Friday we had an Easter celebration, and about 20 people came, most of whom were less-active. We read the story of Christ's resurrection, and had an easter-egg hunt for the kids, then dancing for everyone. Of course, I didn't dance. I told everyone I had a bone in my leg. It seems like everyone had a good time.

Then, on Saturday, 10 of us got together and played soccer. I love playing soccer here because we play on small, enclosed fields, so you don't have to run as much and you don't get tired very quickly. We had a few investigators come, and it was good to just get to know them better in a relaxed, no-pressure setting.

That's about all. I hope stuff is good and things aren't bad.

Elder Weaver

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