Monday, May 16, 2011

the one about sweet rolls


We visited with Mitch on Skype Saturday (for Mother's Day) and he was doing great and he looked great! He loves what he's doing. This is a screenshot from our visit.

Below is his weekly email:

It's raining outside right now, and that lifts my spirits like nothing else! I'd been getting tired of the hot, muggy weather we've been having lately. It looks like one of our long-time investigators is finally going to get baptized. It's been really interesting seeing how preparing for baptism has changed her. You see, her default mood is "angry" with a side of "annoyed". Many times, the lesson would end with her making sarcastic remarks then storming out of the room. For the past month, though, she's been much, much less angry! She even apologized for her occasional outbursts! I know that it's because she's making a real effort to change her life by obeying the commandments that God has given us, which are the blueprints to a truly happy life. 

Also, I have discovered something amazing: There's a store about 10 minutes from our house that carries these slabs of heaven:

What lies inside?

They come in like, seven flavors, but strawberry is my favorite.

It's a dense, sugary taste-bud-party! Also, kind of squished under it's own weight. Like a star experiencing core collapse.

And they're only 80 cents!

I hope things are going good, and people with problems are enduring them well.

Elder Weaver

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  1. Hey, that describes me perfect. Angry with a side of annoyed.