Monday, August 29, 2011

the one about EFY

Alrighty then, what events will I pull out of last week's hat? Well (I think I overuse the word 'well' as a sentence starter), we met with the nice young couple who gave us the salty yogurt drink. They gave it to us again! Rejoice! But this time I was prepared with some Pepto-Bismol® tablets in my pocket. They helped the battle in my stomach after we left. Something about that drink just doesn't sit well with the body. But the lesson itself was good; I really hope they progress.

We also had the kids return from EFY. I was kind of worried that they wouldn't be able to control that many teenagers, especially because it was the first time for EFY here in Albania. But my worries died without being fulfilled! Everyone loved it! One girl said that she and her friends cried the first night because they weren't expecting it to be so churchy. I asked if they cried the last day, and she said they did because they didn't want to go home. In sacrament meeting yesterday I asked the kids who went to bear their testimony about how EFY helped them. One girl jumped up quickly and described how she'd never felt that kind of happiness before, and how she really wants to dedicate herself to God. We'll hopefully get a baptismal date with her soon.

So I guess that doesn't look like a very long post, but trust me, this week was very good. I hope everyone back home is doing well, and since I've been studying the Old Testament lately, I hope everyone is following the basics to having a good life.

Elder Weaver

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