Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the one about pain

This week, and especially the last few days have been kind of trying.

At some time during the week, I forget which day, I just couldn't sleep. Not at all. I tried everything I could think of and even went out on the balcony to take pictures of the moon (they didn't turn out well, by the way). Finally, at 4:30 AM, I fell asleep, only to wake up a few hours later to go to a branch president's training in Tirana.

Then we went again on Monday (yesterday) to the greek hospital in Tirana. Let's just say I'll have to give my future children a good time-out, because they've been causing me lots of pain recently. But I woke up Monday morning at 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep (of course), and had a miserable time in the bathroom. I don't know why, but I felt like I had just eaten a bucket of coagulated lard and it wanted to come back up. I fought the urge to throw up the whole day, which is hard when you're riding on a hot, slow bus on a bumpy road. But I made it there without making a mess! It also helps that my companion gave me a blessing that I'd be able to make it there in one piece.

At the hospital, they did some tests and exams and couldn't find anything wrong, so that's good. I guess I'll just tough it out.

As far as people other than myself (sorry for talking so much about me), we haven't had much time to meet with them :( It just seemed like people were so busy they could only meet in a very narrow window of time, and that window happened to open up to a brick wall of something we had already planned. But at least we can still contact them! Also, we still might have a baptism in September, so that's something to rejoice about!

Today, we went to Berat (bay-ROT) for our district trip. I've been there before, but the rest of the district hadn't, so we went. Here are some pictures. They've all been taken inside the castle walls, where people still live.

I wish all the best for everyone and everything!

Elder Weaver

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