Monday, August 22, 2011

the one about new tastes

Holy COW. I thought the latter half of August would be a bit cooler, not Hot-Pocket-hot like it has been. Seriously, I think my body chemistry has changed over these last 2 summers to adapt to the heat/moisture combination. I smell weird now. It's not necessarily bad, just different. Hopefully the clouds of deodorant I use will keep things settled down. 

This morning, we sent 9 kids off to Especially for Youth, which is cool because this is the first year they are trying it in Albania. Only one of the kids was a member, the rest were not, so hopefully they have good experiences and want to learn more. I'm super-relieved that my part is over, because as branch president I had to register the kids online, collect payment from them, and generally herd them. But, they're good kids, and I think they'll have the time of their lives.

Yesterday we tracted into a family who let us in, and we had a good first lesson. The thing that was not cool about it was they served us a drink called dhallë (th- [as in "the"]-all). You can experience it, too! To make this drink, take some plain yogurt. Now dump salt in it. Now water it down until it has the consistency of lumpy milk. Enjoy! I had to go home afterwards and be near a bathroom.

Also, in church we had one of our investigators come. He's a really cool guy named Jetmir (yet-meer). He's a really humble and funny guy, and I have high hopes for him. It was his first time in church yesterday, but he sang just like everyone else!

I wish the best for everyone back home, and all that stuff. I say that every week, but I really do mean it. If I could, I'd accompany my words with a song, but that would take too long.

Elder Weaver

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