Monday, August 9, 2010

the one about meeting folks

Let's see, what to say...? It's been pretty dang slow. But, I do have one cool story I can tell!

We decided on Saturday to go set up a table near a park. I guess everyone else had the same idea, because we ended up with six missionaries around the table talking to people. Sometimes people are a little put off by large groups of CIA-looking chaps, but that time people were actually stopping more than if it were just two missionaries. We just stick out our hand and say "Greetings!" and if the person is interested, they'll stop and shake our hand and listen. We had good conversations with people and we got three numbers we're going to call soon.

One guy we talked to agreed to meet us at noon to talk more. We waited until about 20 minutes past noon, and decided he wasn't showing, so we started to head back home for lunch, but just as we were walking through the park, I spotted his black and purple striped shirt from about 75 yards away, and we went and got him. We took him to the church and had a good "zero" lesson. In a zero lesson, we do a bit of an overview of what we're all about, and mention that we are here to baptize people. We also taught him to pray. I love it when people pray for the first time. Usually they're a little nervous or reluctant, but we teach them how simple it is, and we usually help them along during the prayer. It's just fun seeing someone really pray hard from the heart for the first time. That's one of the main ways we feel the spirit in lessons.

That's about it. Stay safe, and stuff.

Elder Weaver

(Views from our apartment balcony)

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  1. I love that! That's the kind of story I needed to hear. :)