Monday, August 2, 2010

the one about street contacting

Alrighty then, what happened this week? Well, one pearl in the oyster is that the guy named Agron whom I taught in third branch got baptized yesterday! He's really come a long way, quitting smoking, drinking and he's found work, and I must say, he looks like a changed man. Another cool thing about it is that Elder Allen, who went home in April for some really bad headaches, was able to come back out in time to baptize him. That was sweet. 

On our end of the scope, pretty much everyone we meet with is on vacation until around September, so we're doing a lot more finding activities to refill our teaching pool. Street contacting, I've gotta say, is great. It's hard sticking your hand out and saying "greetings!" to a random person, then holding the conversation and steering it towards sharing the Gospel. But it really feels great when you get someone who actually talks to you, and even if you don't get their number or a return meeting, it's good when they ask questions and you just have a nice, informative talk.

Some of the girls we meet with for an English class are at the beach, but one of them really seems to have potential. She wants to read the Book of Mormon, and man, when people want to read it without you asking them to... that's awesome!

We are pretty dang blessed here. This country has progressed just enough to have most of the comforts of home, food wise. We make a nice pasta meal every Sunday and usually on Tuesdays we cook a huge pot of ham-fried rice that lasts us almost 3 days. I also love to snag a few nectarines on the way home, and if they're too tart, it's nothing a little sugar won't solve.

And last of all, I heard a pretty funny threat. A guy who we teach was relating a story about how he really told someone off after they asked why he was meeting with those dang Americans. He said "Ki kujdës herën tjetër. Do hash kokën tënde", which when translated for meaning, is "Be careful next time. You'll eat your head". Doesn't make much sense, but that makes it even funnier.

Stay frosty, people!

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