Monday, August 16, 2010

the one about "you speak-a the English?"

Well, I've been sick with a cold/almost flu-type sickness; had to stay in two days this week, but I'm on the recovery, so that's good. A lot of staying in the house makes for not-so-many stories, but here goes.

We met again with a lady named Vali, who we ran into a few weeks ago. She was wanting a Bible, and we told her we don't sell them, but if she could meet with us and talk about scripture and all. She did meet with us and we had a pretty good discussion. It's fun doing these little getting-to-know-you talks because people are usually reserved and hold back at first, but once they find out more about us and that we're not too weird, they open up a lot more. She has a pretty strong belief in God, and she prays a lot, which is always a good sign. But she's also read a lot of these dumb books that float around the country. See, Albania is still a little closed-off from the world, and you get a few of these "philosophers" who write books about how religion is wrong, and they usually write a little about the major religions. Most of these books say that Mormons still practice polygamy, and it makes me laugh that these writers still have over 100 years of catching up to do. But we answered all her questions and such and she's looking forward to learning more.

We came in contact with another guy who we'd contacted weeks before. He just said to us "You speak-a the English?" and we found out he wanted to learn English, and we do that, as long as they're willing to learn about the gospel, too. It's kind of funny how we met again. We took the bus to Kombinat, a suburb of Tirana about 10 minutes out. We were going to visit a family we visit every week, but when we got there, they called us and said they wouldn't be able to meet. We were waiting at the bus stop to go back, feeling kind of bummed, but God had a plan. The same guy who we talked to on the road weeks before got off the bus and came up and greeted us! So we went to a cafe and sat down and had a good 'ol talk. He has some good potential.

That's all!

Elder Weaver

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