Monday, August 23, 2010

the one about manual labor

Ah, what a fun week!

Early on I went on an exchange with an Elder in the other district. We did some street contacting at a big park, and there was an Indian band doing their pan-flute and bongo thing, and the music was dang catchy. I think they were like, South American indians or something, but they were sweet. We talked to them and the one that spoke English said they traveled all around playing their music, and he said he's seen missionaries like us in Russia.

In the evening, we went and visited the Kokonas, an awesome family. They've been memebers for a little over a decade. They're an elderly couple, very strong in the church. Their son was actually the first person baptized in Albania, and then he went and served a mission in San Diego. Then they showed us pictures of where they've been, and they've been to temples all around europe and a few in America. It turned out that Brother Saim Kokona was a pretty prolific filmmaker. He showed us a book that someone had done on his life and career. It was pretty cool seeing how he grew up in 30's/40's Albania, where I'm sure things were much different. There were also pictures on the sets of his films. He made something like 20 art films and 20 nature films. I guess he's well-respected in the art film world, because every year he's invited to and goes to Prague to a convention or recognition event of some sort. Interesting to know he's so close to us.

On Saturday, we went and hiked up a hill to help a member move some dirt. He lives in kind of a new apartment complex way, way up in the hills where they have private villas with armed security guards. We shoveled dirt from a pile into a wheelbarrow, then moved it about 30 feet over and spread it out on the ground. It was hard labor, and it felt good. On our way home I fell to temptation and bought an ice cream bar called a Magnum Gold. I don't think I got sick from lack of quality control, because these things are premium. It was a buck fifty for this thing, butterscotch flavor, and they come in a nice thick wrapper, so you'd think they'd be fine. But maybe I'm allergic to something in it, because about 10 minutes after we got home, it literally felt like there were ninja stars in my stomach. I don't know what the heck happened, but whatever it was, it hurt bad. It eventually passed, but I was weak for a few mintues.

Then we got our transfer call. I'm going back to third branch! Yay! I'm going to the area I wasn't in the first time, to serve with an Elder Fisher. I'm kind of sad to leave this place. We've had a lot of work and the branch is amazing, but I guess special circumstances over there necessitated (heh, I used a big word) my switching with another Elder. Well, farewell second branch, you've been cool.

Until next week,

Elder Weaver

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