Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MTC Week 10

Sorry if my spelling or grammar slips, the less I'm using my English the worse it gets. Strange, it's the last Preparation day in the MTC. I can still hardly believe that in a week I'll be in Albania. Speaking to Albanians. In Albanian. I'll eventually order new tags for myself, since they don't even have a "w" over there. The new tags will read "Elder Uivër", which I think is pretty cool, because not only will it sound like "Weaver" when they say it, but it has an umlaut in it. I'm kind of jealous of Elder Johnson, though, his tags will read: "Elder Xhonsën". I mean, come on! Xh! I think I'm going to name my first kid Xh.

The trip there will be an adventure in itself! We have to report to the travel desk at 4:00 AM Tuesday, April 6th (heh, what a great day!). We fly from Salt Lake to Denver, Denver to Chicago, Chicago to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Munich, and finally Munich to Tirana, arriving at 12:00 noon Wednesday. But with the time zones and all, it'll be around 8 at night there, I think. 29 hours of travel time with a 15.5 hour flight right in the middle. Yay! (?). I'm going to brush up on my German so I can at least say a few words on the plane and in the airport (Wo bist meine Lederhosen? Hab Ich meine Lederhosen verloren?!?). [Note from Mitch's mom: For you non-German speakers, Google Translate says “Where are my trousers? Have I lost my leather pants?!?]

I'm getting more and more confident as the Lord prepares me. There's not much else to say! Like the scriptures say a billion times: It'll be hard, but if you do your part, God will help you. I just keep that in mind, that God will be with me the whole way, and there's no real reason to be scared or discouraged.

P.S. Congrats to my pal, Ben Oborn! Going to Warsaw, Poland! You'll be learning the language just a few doors down from the Albanian room. Good luck, talk to you soon!

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