Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MTC Week 8

Wait, what? 3 weeks from now I'll be 6,000 miles away where people speak gibberish and gypsies sell milk in coke cans they found in the trash? Sweet!

I realized I only have 2 more devotionals, 2 more P-days, and saddest of all, only 2 more temple visits. Of course, one would always like to be more fluent in the language, but this one thinks that he'll do just fine anyways. As long as the Lord is helping me, I've no reason to be nervous, afraid, worried, or any other of those unpleasant feelings. I am EXCITED to go serve the Lord in bringing the Albanian people the fullness of the Gospel.

Yesterday we had our first apostle speaker! Quentin L Cook spoke about how the recent economic "situation" has humbled many people and we are blessed to go out at this time when lots of people are ready to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well, my time runs short, sorry to disappoint, but I'm sure I'll have much more to say when I get in-country.

Maybe I'll share my opinion on gypsy-milk.

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