Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MTC Week 6

It's grind time! Just a bit less than 5 weeks and I'll be in Shqipëria. We taught our lesson in only Shqip and it went pretty well. I know as we learn more language the frustration will go down and we'll be able to get the message across more efficiently. We know what we need to do; we just need to put in our part and work like oxen (oxes?)

After 6 weeks, you'd think I'd go crazy in here, but maybe I'm just weird. I'm very happy here: the food is still tasty and varietous (varietieous?), devotionals and firesides give you something to chew on, and in general learning the language and how to teach isn't getting old. I might change my tune by April 6th, but I highly doubt it. For anyone looking at a long stay here, or even a short stay, don't listen to the sadsacks who just complain about their stay. Have a good attitude and you'll have a good experience.

Not much else to say, really... I expect my posts will get much more interesting the closer it gets to departure and especially when I get in country. Have I said that before? I think I have, but I'm not sure. Man, I don't have a good reckoning of time anymore. Hey, congrats to my buddy Ben Oborn, I hear he's close to having everything in order for his call! Looking forward to where the Lord needs him most!

Aaaaand... I'm out

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  1. Tell the new District Leader congrats! Like the photo. Elder Warburton's mom